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Contact Information


TELEPHONE:†† 480-829-0509


FAX: †††480-829-0055


ADDRESS:††† 6197 S. Rural Suite 102-14

††††††††††††††† Tempe, Arizona 85283


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*  Arizona Dept of Revenue

*  Arizona Dept of Revenue-Check on Refund

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Biographical Information:


Blake Peterson has an extensive background in virtually every aspect of business finances, planning, accounting and taxation. He graduated from Arizona State University at the age of 23, worked for the Auditor General for the State of Arizona and helped create the Performance Audit Division in which he audited State Agencies such as the State Land Department and submitted reports to the Arizona State Legislature.After a backpacking trip to Europe, he then became a consultant to the Registrar of Contractors helping to streamline operations and put in a computer system.After passing the CPA exam he began working for a CPA firm in Scottsdale to learn the world of taxation.Soon he ventured out to create his own CPA firm and has been helping clients for over 35 years. He is a skier, mountaineer (climbing mountains over 14,000 feet), technical rock climber, slot canyon explorer, mountain biker, and hiker, has a horse, and is married to a wonderful wife.




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Here is a link for an article recognizing Blake in the National Journal of Accountancy


Last revised:†† Date 12/15/2021


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